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The Versailles Residence – A New Orleans Outdoor Space Brought to Life

We’ve all been there before, searching for “landscape companies near me”, however, at Miller Outdoors, we strive to stand out from the crowd by delivering tangible results, not just promises, and The Versailles Residence is a perfect example of our commitment to bringing outdoor spaces to life.

At Miller Outdoors, we are known as one of the top landscape designers in the Greater New Orleans area, and we continue to specialize in Landscape Design, Installation, and Outdoor Living Spaces creation in the New Orleans area. With our landscape design expertise, we turned this family’s long-standing dream of an alluring outdoor living space into reality. 

Let’s see how we changed their plain concrete backyard into a beautiful place to relax.

Services Provided:
Understanding The Client's Pain Points:

Before we stepped in, the clients were struggling with their uninspiring outdoor area. Their backyard was entirely concrete, making it hot, uninteresting, and ill-suited for entertaining. At this stage in their lives, they were growing concerned that their dream outdoor space would forever remain a dream.

Crafting a Solution Based on The Client's Aspirations:

When working with our clients, their aspirations were crystal clear – to create an inviting outdoor space that encompassed entertainment, gardening, and relaxation. To achieve this, we collaborated closely with Magnolia Landscape Architecture, a trusted third-party firm renowned for their expertise in landscape design.

Magnolia came up with a detailed plan, allowing us to seamlessly integrate all the desired elements into the final landscape installation.

Expert Hardscape Installation:

To replace the monotonous concrete, we turned to hardscaping, a key component of our offerings. We installed a Belgard Dublin Cobble Paver Patio, providing an elegant surface for gatherings and outdoor relaxation. Additionally, we placed a custom trellis around the A/C units and generator, adding charm and practicality to the hardscape.

State-of-the-art Lawn Irrigation System:

Our landscape designers understand the importance of efficient water management. That’s why we included a top-of-the-line Rain Bird Lawn Irrigation System, complete with lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation. This system was equipped with Wi-Fi operation through the Rain Bird app, facilitating smart and convenient water management.

Effective Drainage System:

To tackle the excess water issue common in many New Orleans landscapes, we incorporated a subsurface drainage system. This addition ensures a consistently dry and comfortable outdoor area, further enhancing the user experience.

Professional Landscape Lighting Installation:

A critical part of landscape design is lighting. Our team of landscape lighting installers added an enchanting ambiance to the space by installing landscape lighting pathlights around the hardscape and uplights throughout the garden beds.

Inviting Landscaping:

As a leading landscape architect in New Orleans, we added life to the backyard by carrying out thoughtful landscaping. With carefully selected plants and flowers, we transformed the bland concrete area into a vibrant, welcoming space.

Delivering Dream Spaces:

Miller Outdoors undertook the Versailles Residence project with dedication and a determination to fulfill our clients’ dreams. Our team of landscape installers completed the project within a 3-week timeline and on a budget of $80k. We transformed their uninspiring concrete space into a beautiful outdoor haven, exceeding their expectations.

At Miller Outdoors, our job as a premier New Orleans landscape company is to turn dream outdoor spaces into reality. The Versailles Residence project is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results. Now, the our clients can savor their long-awaited dream, entertain guests, engage in gardening, and bask in the tranquility of their transformed backyard.