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Moses Residence: Modern Oasis for Luxury Living

Miller Outdoors focuses on Landscape Design and Installation and creating lasting Outdoor Living Spaces in the New Orleans area. In this blog post, we are excited to showcase our recent project for the “Moses Residence.” The Moses family had specific pain points they needed to address, and we were determined to deliver a personalized solution that exceeded their expectations. Read on to discover how we transformed their backyard into a paradise for the entire family to enjoy.

Understanding the Client’s Pain:

Before Miller Outdoors stepped in, The Moses’ encountered several challenges that hindered their pursuit of an ideal backyard retreat. They had been searching for the right contractor for about 5-6 months, facing disappointment with the initial company that failed to meet their needs. Poor communication and professionalism only added to their frustrations. Additionally, the family desired a swift completion of the project, as they wanted to make the most of their outdoor space during the summer months. Moreover, they felt that their kids lacked entertainment options at home.

Addressing the Client’s Desires:

Miller Outdoors recognized the Moses family’s vision and strived to make it a reality. Understanding their longing for a private haven, we designed a comprehensive plan that encompassed various elements of outdoor enjoyment.

A Personalized Pool Experience:

We constructed a 14×28 pool with a Tanning Ledge and Deck Jets, creating a serene and refreshing atmosphere. The custom Freska Limestone Pool deck encased the landscaping, offering a seamless integration with nature. The addition of landscape lighting, including uplit trees and path lights, provided an enchanting ambiance in the evenings.

Enhancing the Landscape:

To add to the overall beauty, we introduced Sylvester Palm Trees, Boxwoods, Popcorn Drift Roses, and Eagleston Holly’s, ensuring a vibrant and lush environment. With careful attention to detail, we incorporated a comprehensive drainage system, including a hidden channel drain under the pool deck and tie-ins to all gutters, preventing any water-related issues.

Lean-To Pavilion:

Understanding the need for a space to entertain family and friends, we designed a stunning 33’x22′ Lean-To Pavilion, attached to the home. The pavilion featured a stained Tongue & Groove Ceiling, Hardie Siding & Wrapped Posts, recessed lighting, fans, and an outdoor TV, providing the perfect setting for gatherings and relaxation.

Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen:

To meet the clients’ desires for culinary excellence, we built an exquisite outdoor kitchen. The kitchen boasted a Tongue & Groove Wrapped Island, ample storage space, and 80+ square feet of granite counters. With convenient outlets for small appliances and phone charging, a trash can, storage drawer, ice chest storage, and a fridge, the Moses family now has everything they need to create culinary masterpieces in their backyard.

Playful Paradise for the Kids:

Understanding the importance of keeping the little ones entertained, we installed a playground set, ensuring hours of joy and playfulness for the kids.

Delivering Results:

Miller Outdoors took on the Moses Residence project with dedication, professionalism, and efficiency. Despite the initial challenges faced by the Moses family, we completed the project within the 12-week timeline, just in time for the summer season. The final outcome not only addressed their pain points but also exceeded their expectations, providing them with a magnificent backyard oasis.

At Miller Outdoors, we take pride in transforming outdoor spaces into personalized havens. The Moses Residence project for The Moses Family exemplifies our commitment to delivering outstanding results, even in the face of challenges. From the moment we took on the project, we focused on their desires and worked tirelessly to create their dream backyard paradise. Now, the Moses family can enjoy their own piece of paradise, entertain their loved ones, and provide their children with a fun-filled outdoor space, all while relishing the beauty and tranquility of their transformed backyard.