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The Cunningham Residence – A Kenner, LA Outdoor Yard Turned Oasis

We’ve all been there, typing “landscape companies near me” or “landscaping services near me” into our search bars. At Miller Outdoors, we’re not just another name that pops up. We pride ourselves on being a top choice among landscaping companies near me. Our dedication goes beyond mere promises — we deliver results, as evident from the stunning transformation of the Cunningham Residence.

Services Provided:
The Pain Points of the Cunningham Residence:

The Cunningham Residence’s outdoor space was underwhelming, a stark contrast to the vibrant potential it held. The lack of recreational areas meant missed family moments, and the absence of a proper basketball space meant settling for driveway games.

Swimming Pool Installation

Beyond just being swimming pool contractors, we envision aquatic paradises. For the Cunningham Residence, we designed a pool that didn’t just offer a place to swim but served as a focal point for relaxation and family fun. Every tile and contour was methodically planned by our team, showcasing why we stand out among swimming pool installers near me.

Home Basketball Court Installation

A basketball court is not just about the bounce of the ball. It’s about fostering camaraderie, promoting health, and offering a space for unbridled fun. Our prowess in creating a home basketball court meant that the Cunninghams now have a professional-level play area right in their backyard.

The installation spanned a generous 1400+ square feet and comes equipped with a Goalrilla™ regulation goal.

Installation of Silver Travertine Decking

Our expertise in hardscaping is unparalleled. We don’t just lay stones; we shape experiences. The Silver Travertine decking, with its intricate French Pattern, doesn’t just serve as a functional space but as a canvas for memories, celebrations, and more. It’s the craftsmanship like this that makes us a top choice among hardscape companies near me.

Expert Landscape Design

Our passion for landscape design is evident in every leaf, every petal. The curated mix of trees and flowers was chosen not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for the ambiance they collectively create. Every time the Cunningham family steps out, they’re greeted by a living tapestry of nature. The Cunningham Residence features a lush mix of Eagleston Holly Trees, Drift Roses, Boxwoods, and Azaleas.

The landscape design truly ties the rest of the backyard together into a living, breathing space.

Custom Fence Installation

A fence does more than mark boundaries. It protects, adds aesthetic appeal, and provides privacy. Our fence installation for the Cunningham Residence was tailored, ensuring it complements the overall design ethos while meeting functionality needs.

The Cunningham Residence features over 250+ feet of horizontal fencing crafted using 1×12 Barge Boards with a Pecan stain, making it the perfect pair to an outdoor oasis and custom landscape design in Kenner, LA.

Low-Maintenance Artificial Turf Installation

As a leading landscape architect in New Orleans, we added life to the backyard by carrying out thoughtful landscaping. With carefully selected plants and flowers, we transformed the bland concrete area into a vibrant, welcoming space.

Delivering Dream Spaces:

From pools to courts, from plants to pilings, our commitment remains unwavering – translating dreams into tangible, lasting reality. So, when you think of top-tier landscaping companies near you, know that Miller Outdoors is not just among them, but often leads the way.

If you’re dreaming of a backyard oasis or a bespoke landscaping solution, reach out to us today or give us a call. Let’s craft your vision together, turning your outdoor space into the paradise you’ve always imagined. Dive into a world where dreams meet reality.