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Duxstad Residence – From Bayou Blah to Bourbon Street Bliss

New Orleans, a city known for its soulful music and landscape design, became a second home for the Duxstad family from Madison, Wisconsin. With their son diving deep into academics at Tulane University, this family was drawn by more than just the city’s collegiate charm. The distinct New Orleans Landscape Design, combined with its vibrant culture, compelled them to invest in a house here, bypassing the mundane cycle of hotel bookings and become residents of the enriched culture that New Orleans offers.

Every Rose has its Thorns

Upon purchasing their dream house in New Orleans, the Duxstads were met with an outdoor space that was far from what they had envisioned, and not on par with the rest of New Orleans’ landscape design.

Some of the issues the family faced were:
The Services We Provided:

Without the help of Miller Outdoors, the Duxstads were staring at a future filled with muddy shoes and missed opportunities to entertain and unwind.

The Miller Outdoors NOLA Solution: From Pain to Pleasure

As one of the leading Landscaping Companies in New Orleans, Miller Outdoors NOLA was ready to infuse life into the Duxstad’s outdoor space.

We employed the help of Magnolia Landscape Architecture to come up with a plan to revitalize the Duxstad residence, and turn it into a true New Orleans landscape masterpiece.

The Timeline:

In just three weeks, what was once a challenge became a wonderful sight in New Orleans. Now, the Duxstads have their own special place.

The Result:

Without our Residential Landscaping Services, the Duxstads’ backyard could’ve remained just a plot. Today, it stands as a testament to the prowess of a top-notch Residential Landscaping Company. With future Landscape Maintenance Near Me, the Duxstads can rest easy, knowing their outdoor space is in capable hands.

To transform your space into an emblem of Landscaping New Orleans grandeur, trust only Miller Outdoors NOLA. We are here to turn your dreams into reality. Give us a call at (504) 452-3131 or Schedule your Phone Consultation.